Korea Criminal Record

What is Criminal Record?

Criminal Record refers to searching for identities or criminal records. The information contained in the Criminal Record may also differ between countries or jurisdictions. Traffic crimes such as speeding or drunken driving are sometimes included, and sometimes conviction cases are marked. Other cases include arrest, dismissal of prosecution, pending indictment and the acquittal of individuals. In the case of employment or immigration to another country, visa or passport issuance, financial transactions, and adoption applications, the Criminal Record must be submitted as required documents.

Criminal Record Issuance Processing

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    Information Mail Confirm & Fill in application
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    Local Criminal Record Issuance
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If the country in which you are using the document belongs to an Embassy Attestation category, you get certification from the ministry of foreign affairs through the embassy in the country where you are applying for the document before Embassy authentication. Since this process is cost and time-consuming we will take care of your request after consultation with our KICPC.

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