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Today i am going to write a post on Albania Apostille.
Albania can be unfamiliar to some people and to be honest so was i ! write a post to provide information in depth and in a light bein, I study Albania a bit 

Let’s see!

Though Albania can be strange but we all know Mother Teresa!
Albania is a home country of Mother Teresa! Surprising?! 
Unlike the home country of Teresa, symbol of peace, this country is known for having lots of bunker due to sad history like war. But since there are lots of mountains with high altitude, fabulous coastlines along the Mediterranean, it has amazing scenaries !

Moreover, Albania is abundant with natural resources of which importance
is getting highlighted around the world. Indeed Albania retains the second largest amount of petroelum in Balkan, the largest amount of cement around the world. Because of this, there are many expatriates regarding to NGO living Albania !’s post is on the way how to get apostille from Albania !

When you marry with him or her from Albania, live in Almania for work or study and some other situations, you may have experienced submitting documents from Albania to another countries, usually your home country. But the thing is that to submit the document from Albania to other country, there are few steps to process like below! As all paperworks are, aren’t they all looks comlicated and unfamiliar? What on earth notarize and apostille is...? 

Well, we can understand issue document, and translate the document because we are to use the document to foreign country where the country use different language as official! But what is notarzie and apostille...?!


Notarization is the official fraud-deterrent process that assures the parties of a transaction that a document is authentic and can be trusted! In the situation above, the notarization is for the translation, which proves the authenticity of your translation of the document.


Apostille is a certification on the genuineness of your document. In other words, it certifies that
your document is genuine and legal !

***NOTICE ***

1) Albanian documents can ONLY apostille certified in Albania !
2) Apostille is only available when the both countries join the Hague convention. If NOT, you should get embassy certification from each embassy, not apostille.

It sounds like difficult, aren’t you?
YES, it is diccifult and requires time a lot !


Get frustrated on the four steps or in the situation that you can’t process alone like staying outside of Almania or have no time? Don’t worry!  KICPC is here for you! KICPC is an professional agency that process all the procedures regarding to civil documents around the world on behalf of people in trouble ! KICPC can get your Almanian document issued, tranlsated, notarizedm apostille certified and delivered to the right front of your home !


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