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Again, the last day of weekdays arrive! Yeah! Let’s begin ! Today’s topic is on Australian apostille !

Have you ever been to Australia? I once lived until intermediate school there. So I can assure you that It is a wonderful country with sunlight, nature and good people, whose charming point is different than other countries. What’s more Australia is a perfect country for a coffee-lover where Starbucks withdrew their whole stores except three in Sydney. The reason why are the Italians immigrated to Australia after the second world war. These Italian people developed coffee different from existing one, thus contributing to the establishment of Australian coffee nowadays. White Americano and flat white are the examples of it.

If a person stayed in Australia like me for a long time, you may at least have experienced submitting Australian document to another country. For me, though it was long time ago, I had to submit the graduate certificate from Australian intermediate school to Korean high school. But when handing in, you need to notice that the Australian document itself is not valid, so that you need to take some steps to validate before you submit or use Australian document in other country which was Korea in my case.

This processes for validation is called ‘apostille’ when the submit country also joins Hague convention of which Australia is already a member. Apostille is a simplified version that you only need a certification from the one party of the two countries, Australia and submit country.

***If one country or both are not the member of the convention, you need a certification from an embassy from each country, called embassy attestation. 


“Apostille certification is ONLY issued in the land of the country where the document is originally created!”

In other words, Australian document is only apostille certified by the right authority of Australia.
Thus if you are outside of country, there is no way to get apostille except finding a delegate T^T!

Moreover, no matter you are in Australia or not, since it is a matter between two countries, you need to translate the document in the language of submit country before you get certification!
Also, notarize the translation to prove the translation is done right

*** Since Australia’s language is English, if the recipient country use English as official, you can jump over the translation step and only process notarization step

Feel these process to complicated? OR If you are in outside of Australia?


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