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Today I brought useful information for people who have lived in Australia for a long time. If you live in Australia for a long time, you will have a lot of various experience and documents. If you went to Australia for study, you’ll get a transcripts, and Certificate of Graduation, etc. And If you have worked in Australia, you can issue Certificate of Career. But the document issued in Australia is only valid in Australia. It can’t accept in another country. To submit Australian documents abroad, you have to get an apostille on your document.

Apostille is a form of authentication issued to documents for use in countries that participate in the Hague Convention of 1961. In general, after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy Certification, the reliability of the national document is verified, but there is an inconvenience in terms of time and cost. To resolve this inconvenience, without consular legalization through overseas consulates among the member countries, Apostille has appeared, which recognizes documents with Apostille as legalized documents.

But Apostille is not the end. Next is translation. You must translate your documents in your native language. Then, notarization of translation is needed. It must be processed by notary lawyer. Lastly, you get the embassy certification, it’s over!! But apostille is only available in countries where documents have been issued. Should you go back to Australia if you just brought your document to Korea without apostille? Don’t you think it’s waste of your time?

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