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Today I’ll tell you about how to get an Apostille in Azerbaijan.

First, let me give you some information about Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan is a landlocked country located in the South Caucasus of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. The capital is Baku. Bādkube, which means "city of wind" in Persian, is said to be the etymology.

Plus, Azerbaijan is called “the land of fire” because Azerbaijan comes from the Persian word "Adhar" which means "fire," and the Arabic word " Beyqan," which means the country

This is the “Maiden Tower” that located in Baku. Maiden Tower was made to defend the capital Baku in 12th century. Now it is a landmark of Azerbaijan. Plus, it is designated as a USESCO World Heritage Site.

Someday, I want to go to Azerbaijan to see many cultural relics. From now on, I’ll tell you about how to get an Azerbaijan Apostille easily! If you graduated from school in Azerbaijan, or If you want to work in another country after living in Azerbaijan for a certain period of time, you should get an apostille on your documents.

These documents can issued in Azerbaijan, so apostille is also only available in Azerbaijan. But if you are not in the Azerbaijan now, to get an apostille in person is quite a difficult. You should go through these all procedure. After going through all these procedure, You should go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Justice, finally you can get an apostille on your documents.

Doesn’t it look difficult?

KICPC will solve these cumbersome procedures.

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