Get your Philippines Birth Certificate from abroad_Simple and Convenient Way

1.   When do I need a Birth Certificate?

*Marriage – When you get married in foreign country, your birth certificate will be required during the marriage license process.

*School – When you apply for school, they could require your birth certificate. Especially when you are foreigner applying for school located in foreign country.

*Visa – When you trying to get a visa to moving abroad, birth certificate will be needed during the visa-obtaining process.

2.  What if I’m staying abroad now?

     You can apply your birth certificate in Philippines or some embassy registers birth of Filipino citizens in their countries. But if you need your birth certificate in some urgent way, KICPC can apply your birth certificate safely and quickly. So you don’t need to go Philippines by yourself for just getting your documents. Philippines is apostille joined country. 

     So, if you are going to submit your birth certificate to other country which is apostille joined country, you just need to get an apostille for the document (Translation and notarization may be necessary if it is not English speaking countries). Otherwise, if the country is non-apostille joined country, you need to get consular and embassy certification instead of apostille.

3.   We can issue your documents in a simple and convenient way.

We offer every process such as issuing, translation, consular service, embassy certificate (notarization, apostille) with just one click!

You just need to send us the required documents and fill out the forms. You can get your document by e-mail, fax or other methods if you want. Requirements and issuable documents vary among the countries, so please consult with us before Apostille application.

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