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Today I’ll tell you about Czech Republic and Apostille. The Czech Republic is located in the center of Central Europe. It is surrounded by Germany in the northwest and southwest, Austria in the south, Slovakia in the southeast, and Poland in the northeast. Major Czech cities include Prague, Brno and Cesky Krumlov. This is the night view of Prague Isn’t it lovely?

Prague’s night view is very famous. I want to go there someday…. BUT! If I go to the Czech Republic, I want to go MUCHA Museum the most. Alphonse Maria Mucha is representative painter of the Czech Republic. This is Mucha’s works. Named He is master of Art Nouveau. He also achieved great success with commercial advertising posters, and in the latter years of his success, he was enthusiastic about Czech independence.

The Czech Republic is also famous for beer. I planned to go to the Czech Republic as an exchange student before. My friends told me to drink beer when I go to the Czech Republic. Famous Czech beers include Pilsner Urquell, Kozel, Gambrinus, Budweiser Budvar, Primator and so on... Now I’ll tell you about an Apostille in the Czech Republic. There are some people who planned to go to the Czech Republic as an exchange student. Before you go to the Czech, there is something you have to be prepared.

That’s Apostille!!

Then, what is an Apostille?

"Apostille” is a form of authentication issued to documents for use in countries that participate in the Hague Convention of 1961. In general, after the 'Ministry of Foreign Affairs' and 'Embassy Certification', the reliability of the national document is verified, but there is an inconvenience in terms of time and cost. To resolve this inconvenience, without consular legalization through overseas consulates among the member countries, Apostille has appeared, which recognizes documents with Apostille as legalized documents. After passing the exchange program, there are documents that must be prepared. Those are transcripts and enrollment verification letter. To submit your transcripts, Enrollment Verification Letter, you have get an apostille. Without Apostille, your document is not valid. But if you are too busy to get an Apostille in person, or complicate procedures makes you nervous,


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