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This morning, It rained a lot in Seoul. It is a rainy season in Korea these days. So, there's a lot of damage. How’s the weather there? Let me tell you a little bit about Germany. Germany is located in the center of Europe.  And ranks 62nd in the world in area. Germany has a population of 83.78 million, ranking 19th in the world. Capital is Berlin. The representative food of Germany is beer and sausage. I like beer, but I've never had a German beer. Someday I'll have to try it. Brezel is also representative food of Germany. Do you know what is world festival in Germany? 

It’s Oktoberfest!!


Oktoberfest is the biggest folk festival and a beer festival held in Munich It’s held from the end of September to the beginning of October.  This year it was canceled because of the COVID-19. It’s a shame that. :(


In addition, there are many excellent research institutes and Universities in Germany. 

The world's third-largest number of Nobel laureates shows that Germany's education system is excellent. So, many people are planning to study abroad in Germany. Wait, wait. Did you know that you need an apostille to study abroad? If you decide to study abroad, you have to get a student visa. To get a student visa, you need an Apostille.

"Apostille” is a form of authentication issued to documents for use in countries that participate in the Hague Convention of 1961. In general, after the 'Ministry of Foreign Affairs' and 'Embassy Certification', the reliability of the national document is verified, but there is an inconvenience in terms of time and cost. To resolve this inconvenience, without consular legalization through overseas consulates among the member countries, Apostille has appeared, which recognizes documents with Apostille as legalized documents.

In short, the document is only valid in the country where you issued the document,  and to validate your document in a foreign country, you have to get an apostille on your documents. What if you came to Brazil without the apostille? Should you go back to your home country to get it? What if you have difficulty in issuing Apostille? 


It's not easy to go through all this procedure alone. Are you just going to give up? It must be very embarrassing. But, there is a way that you can solve these situations.

You can use our service! KICPC can help you!

KICPC provides a reliable agency service. You just visit our website and click some buttons! We can solve these complicated procedures. In addition, we can save time and costs. We are a reliable brand that certified by the state and customers. Thus, you can use our service with trust!

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