Translation service of KICPC offers easy, fast and simple translation all the documents of the world.

Translation Processing Procedure

  • Document Attachment and Estimate Request

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Translation Service Category

  • Customer Support by Service

    Business plans, proposals, company announcements, corporate IR materials, press releases, brochures, catalogs, manuals, PPT materials, etc. It's important to localize business-related documents to suit your business strategy. Optimized translation is provided to reflect local preferences and cautions.
  • Manufacturing / Construction / Engineering

    Manuals and technology-related documents of construction, electricity, electronics, civil engineering, architecture, automobiles, aviation, shipping, etc. Specialists in each area of business will translate into technical jargon. As technology evolves rapidly, we provide high-quality translations to challenge the global market.
  • Legal / Finance

    Contracts, articles of incorporation, relevant laws, patents, licenses, certificates, MOU,etc. We provide translation service that adjusts laws or financial information to local circumstances and reflects accurate details.
  • Medical / Life Science

    Medical publications, medical papers, pharmaceutical companies, medical devices, medicine, oriental medicine, biology, etc. Professional terms such as medical/biotechnology require careful attention. We can provide translation service of experts with years of translation experience.
  • Educational / Publication

    university or graduate school assignments, papers, personal creations, essays, newspaper editorials, publications, etc. We can provide you with a glossary of terms appropriate to your situation, such as assignments, papers, and publications. We'll also provide you with the best service that reflects your needs.
  • Entertainment / Website

    Animation, scenarios and synopsis, broadcasting and film subtitles, general enterprise or public office websites, etc. Access professional translation tailored to content and web. We offer translation services tailored to each environment.

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Estimate Request

I agree to collect and use the same translation under Article 33 of the Act on the Utilization and Protection of Credit Information, Article 15 of the Personal Information Protection Act and other statutes. on the service request form.

1. Consent on the collection and utilization of personal information.

A. To collect and use.

  • 1) Customer Management Identification, Identification of the Company, Confirmation of the intent to sign the contract, Handling customer inquiries, Tax management, etc.
  • 2) Managing the progress of translation of contract, Maintenance, Execution, and management, Guiding progress, Delivery of translation, Follow-up management of translations, etc.
  • 3) Quality Improvement Improve quality of service, Identify frequency of use, Statistics and analysis of service use, etc.

B. Collect and use.

- All information, such as name, name, phone number, mobile phone number and email address.

C. The period of retention and use.

  • 1) Until the purpose of personal information collection and utilization is achieved or when the consent is requested to withdraw from the collection and use of personal information.
  • 2) However, even if the purpose of collecting and using is fulfilled or requested to withdraw, the following information is retained for the period specified below.
  • A) Information necessary for the performance of the contract and the preparation of the dispute, such as the settlement of the charges and the collection of debts, shall be provided until the completion of the performance/resolution of the dispute.
  • B) If special regulations exist in the relevant statutes, such as commercial law, they are stored accordingly.
  • 3) If not covered by the above two provisions, three years from the completion of the delivery of the translation service.

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