Notarization(in Korea)

KICPC provides Notarization service for Translation or Fact in Korea.

Notarization for Translation

Proof that the original text of the document is not different from the translation by state-recognized attorneys, law firms, and joint law offices.

Notarization for Translation Service Category

  • Civil documents
    • Studying abroad (Graduation certificate, transcript etc)

    • Affidavit of support (Grade A income tax, taxation certificates etc)

    • Immigration (Family register, resident register copy etc)

    • Employment immigration (Resume, proof of employment etc)

    • Divorce (Judgement, parental authority waiver etc)

    • Adoption relation (Overseas local court judgement and etc)

    • Korean national overseas (Registration documents, naturalization certificate etc)

    • Passport notarization (passport copy notarization)

  • Corporate and trade-related
    • Branch establishment (BRN, business plan etc)

    • Trade (Financial statement, final accounts report, export license etc)

  • Requirements of embassy
    • Apostille for member country and attestation for non-member country


  • Original documents for translation
  • Copy of ID (or passport) for individual or copy of BRN and representative’s ID for company in case of Apostille or Embassy Attestation is needed after translation.

Notarization for Fact

Attestation of the content of the document by the author (or the signatory) to ensure that it is true in the presence of the public attorneys.

Notarization for Fact Service Category

  • Studying abroad
    • Affidavit of support (excluding US)

    • custodianship declaration(Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc)

    • power of attorney(China) etc

  • Corporate
    • Board meeting minutes, power of attorney

    • statement

    • contract

    • articles of incorporation

    • financial statement

    • trade-related(export license, purchase agreement etc)

  • Individual
    • Invitations

    • references and marriage requirements (Vietnam international marriage) etc.


Visiting by applicant

  • ID and stamp

Visiting by proxy

  • Individual : Seal certificate of preparer, power of attorney (with individual stamp affixed)
  • Corporate : Corporate seal certificate, power of attorney (with corporate stamp affixed)

Notarization Processing Procedure

  • 01
  • 02
  • 03
    or Issuance
  • 04
    (If necessary)
  • 05
  • 06

Notarization Service List